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National Diabetes Services Scheme Sub-Agent Coral Coast Pharmacy

Living with diabetes is a challenge, but there are ways to manage it and still enjoy life, and Coral Coast Pharmacies can help.

All of our Coral Coast Pharmacies are National Diabetes Services Scheme Sub-agents. If you are registered with the NDSS, you can take advantage of subsidised prices on diabetes related products, advice on appropriate use of products and the latest information on diabetes and effective self-management.

The message is simple - live well, feel well. If you take good care of yourself now, it will help prevent problems later.

For effective Diabetes care, it's as easy as remembering your ABC's!

Alcohol or drinks with caffeine should be consumed in moderation or not at all. Drink plenty of water and have at least two alcohol-free days a week.

High Blood pressure and type two diabetes often go hand in hand. It's important to have your blood pressure checked on a regular basis.

Cholesterol testing is recommended at least every five years. To maintain healthy levels, eat foods that are high in fibre and low in saturated fats, exercise, keep your weight under control and avoid smoking.

Watch your Diet. What you eat, how much you eat and when you eat all affect blood sugar. Try to eat at regular times daily, make healthy food choices, watch your portions and don't skip meals.

Regular Exercise can help insulin to work better, control your weight, lower blood pressure and make you feel better physically and mentally. Even small changes daily like a short walk can make a difference.

Remember, Coral Coast Pharmacies offer free blood pressure monitoring and have programs to assist with weight management and quitting smoking. It's never been easier to keep your health in check.

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